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About us

It started with an idea: Clear, durable design, in conjunction with natural, sustainable materials and artisan implementation.
This is inspiring us until today.
Founded by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann, we design and produce leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO for more than 30 years.

Ackermann designs timeless, durable & functional leather products. Our design has character: it is as distinctive and unique as you and me. Crafted from natural leather, you can feel and see the attention to detail and the carefully selected materials that meet the highest standards of quality. The best leather and the strongest seams are made in functional designs with the sense of simplicity. Our imagination of a durable classic is translated into every handcrafted bag that leaves our manufactory.

The roots of the idea - to design leather bags - are the philosophy and practicing the concept of sustainability in the 80s. To design a product that is natural, durable and wins with the time value of personal.

Products and services

Wildwuchs by Ackermann

For our brand Wildwuchs only a noble and extraordinary material is used: the products are made of suede from the red deer. The unique leather with the velvety feel is produced in the last chamois tannery in Germany. The chamois tanned deerskin is durable and extremely light. We manufacture wallets, handbags, hobobags, backpacks, slingbags, keychain, beltbags, messengerbags. The products are made in Germany in our manufactory in Lüneburg.

Shoulder bag Lyon

Shoulder bag Lyon

The shoulder bag Lyon is elegant and compact. Thanks to its square shape and straight-lined design, it creates the perfect connection between business and everyday bags. Even when looking closely, it makes an impression: the soft deer leather is comfortable and very easy to wear. Inside, the shoulder bag is lined with a beige pig skin lining. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures the perfect fit. Nothing is lost so quickly: several slots and a carabiner for the key ensure order.

Backpack Prag

Backpack Prag

The elegant design of a handbag and the practical advantages of a backpack combine the backpack bag Prague. The soft carry straps are pleasantly light on the shoulders and are infinitely adjustable. In addition, the backpack is secured by a buckle, which gives the design the certain extra. The backpack is equipped with a large main compartment, additional slots, a snap hook for your key collar and an additional zip pocket on the back.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Lüneburg

Wallet Toulouse

Wallet Toulouse

Twelve credit card slots, four slots, and a zipped coin pocket in the middle - more order in the wallet does not work. The Toulouse purse offers enough space for everything you want to have at your fingertips. With an all-round zipper, your important cards and notes can never slip out of the wallet again.

News & Innovations

Wildwuchs - Deer Leather 

Chamois leather of the red deer is the finest leather of all. Our deer leather is traditionally made in the last chamois tannery in Germany. For more than 300 years it is manufactured in water power driven, massive wooden mallets, which mechanically incorporate an aqueous codfish oil solution into it. The chamois-tanning makes the leather hard-wearing, but keeps it extremely light and soft, almost like a foulard. Besides it is one of the most environment-friendly tannings at all.This special deer leather creation requires round about 300 steps of work by hand and takes 12 months.

The use of Codfish oil as a tanning agent creates a durable leather out of the perishable deer hide. After the excess oil is washed out in a sodium carbonate bath, the hides are air-dried for a few weeks. This process is repeated for several months, so that every single hide gets dried and tumbled multiple times. A real chamois leather needs to ripen, like a good whiskey. In the end the leather is dyed with natural colors out of log-, red- or yellowwood. The dye gets incorporated and brushed into one side of the leather by hand. Its yellow reverse side is kept untinged, as a mark of accurate work. Also the natural grain of the hide is intentionally preserved as a proof of authenticity and originality.



Goseburgstr. 27
21339 Lüneburg

Phone: +49 4131 38558
Fax: +49 4131 37475

Beate Sedlacek
Phone: +49 173 4168354

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